Sian Reid: 111 Days to Go

Sian Reid writes:

The generally expected date for the General Election is May 6th. That is just 111 days from the Hustings meeting on January 15th.

If you do choose me as your candidate on January 15th I will commit myself, with absolute determination, to retaining Cambridge for the Liberal Democrats at the General Election. I will start work on January 16th, and I will make every one of those 111 days count.

With the help of our excellent team at Signet Court, I will between January 16th and the General Election:

- Build on success. I will work closely with our current Liberal Democrat MP, of whom we are so proud and who has established such an outstanding reputation both locally and at Westminster.

- Work with our Councillors. I will work closely with our 37 Liberal Democrat City and County Councillors in Cambridge. With their excellent track records, and their knowledge of their local residents, they will be the backbone of the campaign team.

- Engage the Members. I will welcome help from you the members to achieve a Liberal Democrat victory. This could be by financial contribution, delivery, canvassing, or helping behind the scenes.

- Retain the green vote. I will work to retain the green vote for the Liberal Democrats, in the face of what will be a strong challenge from the Green Party. I believe my solid track record of environmental achievement will enable me to do that.

- Make the most of the internet. We need to use websites, email broadcasts, Facebook, and Twitter. This is in addition to, not instead of, face-to-face contact and printed material.

- Cover the ground. I will devote an enormous amount of time from January 16th to visiting potential Liberal Democrat voters in as may of the streets in the constituency as I can. There is no substitute for face-to-face contact.

I will embark on this exercise with enthusiasm, and with confidence. I have been elected to the City Council three times, and on the last occasion in 2008 I achieved a higher share of the vote than any other Liberal Democrat in Cambridge. I would relish the challenge of building on that track record to achieve a resounding parliamentary victory for the Liberal Democrats on May 6th.


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