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The Hustings meeting for Liberal Democrat members to choose their prospective parliamentary candidate for Cambridge will be held on Friday January 15th 2010. This follows the decision of David Howarth, the current Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge, to stand down before the next general election. The meeting will be at Michaelhouse, Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1SU, and will start promptly at 7.30pm.

Ballot papers will be issued at the Hustings meeting. Members should bring their Liberal Democrat membership card or some other form of identification with their name and address.


Members who wish to vote by post should complete the Application for a Postal Ballot form which they received with the manifesto mailing. This needs to be posted to the returning officer well in advance of the Hustings, in an envelope marked BALLOT. Postal vote ballot papers cannot be emailed or faxed, but need to be received by the returning officer by post before the Hustings. Alternatively members may ask another member of the local party to return their postal ballot paper at the Hustings in a sealed envelope.


At the meeting, each of the short-listed candidates will speak, followed by questions and answers. There will then be a vote by secret ballot, using the Single Transferable Vote method.

The votes on the evening, together with postal votes that have been received, will be counted, and the result will be announced at the end of the meeting.

In addition to Sian Reid, the shortlisted candidates are:

Tim Bick
Belinda Brooks-Gordon
Rod Cantrill
Julian Huppert
Julie Smith

The returning officer responsible for the selection process is Paul Clark, 7 Kipling Close, Hitchin, Herts SG4 0DU. Tel: 01462 457342. Email:


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