Three reasons to vote for Sian Reid as your first preference

Building on success and experience

Sian won over 50% of the vote in her last City Council election, a higher share of vote than any other Lib Dem in Cambridge. She is well known throughout Cambridge - having featured in more than 200 stories in the Cambridge News. That's vital in an election campaign starting so soon. Sian's breadth of experience will enable her to relate to the whole community.

Fighting to protect the environment

Sian will hold government to account on the environment and climate change. She will press for investment in green infrastructure to help us out of the recession. She has the credentials to keep Cambridge's green vote with the Liberal Democrats.

Re-building trust in democracy

Sian wants to re-build trust in democracy, and will fight for reform and openness. She has resisted the County Tories' desire to work in secret over housing targets and transport. She will fight to let Cambridge make its own democratic decisions.


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